Identity on the Line
Identity on the Line

Large-scale cooperation project

“Identity on the Line”

Call for lectures from Ukrainian professionals

About identity & migration in modern times

One of the project’s objectives is to share new knowledge about migration and identity across different fields of study. 

We invite Ukrainian museum professionals, psychologists, anthropologists, ethnologists, social workers, and historians to share their knowledge about a topic within the broad working field of migration & identity. We will have a new round of lectures, which will be recorded and widely spread across Europe.

The lecture can be held from wherever and discuss both historical and current challenges professionals experience or have done research on. As payment for a 45-minute-long digital lecture, we can offer 300 Euros, transferred to any bank account in Europe.

If you want to share your knowledge or experiences, we encourage you to participate.

Include your short bio and the topic – deadline: 30th of June 2022

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The project is a broad cooperation between partner institutions in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Slovenia and Croatia. Starting with similar approaches and using the same methods, each museum will work on one important migration process in its country by collecting and facilitating sensitive narratives in local exhibitions and uncovering challenges which have not been addressed before. The main findings and common features will be summarized and made available as a joint travel exhibition within Europe and a digital package for education.