Identity on the Line
Identity on the Line

Under the surface of our societies, there are thousands and thousands of stories that add shades and details to the black and white picture of historical events. But many of these stories are too private, too personal, or too traumatic to share. Feelings like despair, shame, or guilt might be associated and one could be afraid of the reactions of others when telling them.

’Identity on the Line’ is a large-scale cooperation project between six cultural history museums and one university, working together to explore the long-term consequences of different migration processes, forced or voluntary, which took place in Europe over the course of the last 100 years.

Here, we give you a brief insight into historical events and causes of the migrations. But the core of both the project and the film are personal stories, feelings and emotions which were shared with the project by the migrants and their descendants. They seem to speak with the same voice, no matter the place of origin.

The war in Ukraine has made, unfortunately, this voices so actual…

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The project is a broad cooperation between partner institutions in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Slovenia and Croatia. Starting with similar approaches and using the same methods, each museum will work on one important migration process in its country by collecting and facilitating sensitive narratives in local exhibitions and uncovering challenges which have not been addressed before. The main findings and common features will be summarized and made available as a joint travel exhibition within Europe and a digital package for education.