Identity on the Line
Identity on the Line

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Up YU Go! Stories about Identities on the Line

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Keep it quiet! Family Secrets in the aftermath of WW2

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The Broken Heart

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Blant Groenlandere i Denmark

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Personal family stories for young curious minds

Learning other people's stories will make you interested in your own family's history.

Dear young history enthusiast!

This is a book that tells that part of history that is rarely talked about in schools. The personal stories of the people. The Muzeum Pomorza Środkowego w Słupsku believes that the history of mankind is created not only by kings, wars, and shifting borders, but above all by personal stories of ordinary people.

This book allows young curious minds to reflect on and discover their own family history. 

In this booklet, the Museum presents verbatim quotes from interviews conducted with Polish families by Słupsk museologists.