Identity on the Line
Identity on the Line


Kulturrådet talks with ION’s project leader, Kathrin Pabst, about the project.
Produced by Art Council Norway

Keep it quiet! Family secrets in the aftermath of WWII. Produced by Vilnius University Faculty of Communication

Coping with Difficult Heritage: From Historic Facts to Personal Narratives. Produced by MedVila Pula

Dr. Kathrin Pabst was invited to present Identity on the Line at Thor Heyerdahl International Day 2021 – MIGRATION and IDENTITY. Produced by Thor Heyerdahl Institute

The Vest Agder museum has been invited by the Art Council Norway to share information about I-ON. Produced by Art Council Norway

The Vest-Agder Museet was part of the presentation at Stiftelsen Arkivet to share information about their project (From 42:10 Kathrin Pabst: Hemmelighetenes langtidskonsekvenser. Produced by Stiftelsen Arkivet Kristiansand

Newsroon event about ethical challenges when working with personal narratives on sensitive topics. Produced by ICEthics