Identity on the Line
Identity on the Line

I-ON Movie

A movie about forced migrations

Educational film

English audio – English subtitles

A brief insight into historical events and causes of seven European migrations in the last 100 years. The core of the project and the film are personal stories, feelings, and emotions shared with the project by the migrants and their descendants. 

  • DirectorTomasz Giczewski from 123AKCJA and Katarzyna Maciejewska from Muzeum Pomorza Srodkowego w Slupsku in Poland.
  • ProducersTomasz Giczewski from 123AKCJA and Katarzyna Maciejewska from Muzeum Pomorza Srodkowego w Slupsku in Poland.
  • WritersWriters Kathrin Pabst and Gunhild Aaby from Vest-Agder Museum in Norway; Søren la Cour Jensen and Ivalo Olsvig from Knud Rasmussens Hus in Denmark; Elina Nygård from Ájtte, Svenskt Fjäll-och Samemuseum in Sweden; Neringa Latvyte and Donata Armakauskaitė from Vilniaus Universitets in Lithuania; Urška Purg and Corinne Brenko from Muzej novejše zgodovine Slovenije in Slovenia; and Lidija Nikocevic and Tamara Nikolic Deric from Etnografski muzej Istre in Croatia.
  • NarratorCaryl Swift
  • Runtime46 minutes 59 seconds
  • Countries of FilmingCroatia, Denmark, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden
  • Aspect Ratio16:9

I-ON short documentary

Ukrainian audio – English subtitles

The families of Lierane Khaibullaieva and Amet and Dilyara Bekir, who emigrated from Crimea after its annexation by Russia, took part in filming the documentary “The Crimeans.” They currently live in emigration in western Ukraine. Lierane Khaibullaieva has opened a new coffee shop in Lviv, while the Bekir family is engaged in children’s educational projects. They still dream of returning to Crimea and not losing themselves.

  • DirectorYevhen Tkach
  • Director of photographyYaroslav Ilchyshyn
  • EditorPavlo Androsov
  • ComposerMyroslav Melymuk
  • CompanyExplorer Life
  • Runtime19 minutes 58 seconds
  • Countries of FilmingUkraine
  • Aspect Ratio16:9

I-ON short movies

Watch every migration process on its own.

I-ON long movies

Watch the entire movie translated into different languages.