Identity on the Line
Identity on the Line



March 2022

On the move

21 of March 2022 - Ájtte, Swedish Sámi and Mountain museum

Gunnar Östman Inga, Sámi cultural worker, and developer of workshop connected to the pedagogical concept Mánáid ráidu by Sámi Duodji/Sameslöjdstiftelsen held a workshop about how to move with reindeers in old days, by the time of the forced migrations.

We learned how to pack the sleds with all objects that were used in everyday life and how to tie them to the reindeers.


September 2022

Discussion between two projects “How to investigate and communicate sensitive stories and discussed heritage”

September 30, 2022 - Vilnius, Lithuania

The joint discussion of the two projects “Identity on the Line” (I-ON) and “Connective digital memory in borderlands: a mixed methods study of cultural identity, heritage communication and digital curation on social networks” (Connective) took place at the Senate Hall of the Vilnius University. Both projects work with dissonant heritage though I-ON analyses personal stories by working with the informants personally and communicating their stories through the exhibitions while Connective investigates public discussions on the social networks. The leaders of both projects introduced the general ideas and goals of the projects. Further the researchers of two projects discussed topics related to the challenges of the dissonant heritage, communication of the sensitive personal experiences and modern ways of representation and communication of these topics. During the discussion the researchers of the both projects had an opportunity to present their own input to the projects and to share the most challenging their experiences.