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Identity on the Line

Identity on the Line is a large-scale cooperation project, financed by Creative Europe aiming to explore the long-term consequences of different migration processes which took place in Europe over the last 100 years. Six cultural history museums and one university are working together for four years, starting in 2019. Would you like to contact us? Please email us at


Identity on the Line (I-ON) will explore how experiences of migration have influenced the informants’ identities in different ways in order to evoke the hope and potential for fellowship which the fluidity of identity may entail.  Our priority is to reinforce the sense of belonging to a common European space to contemporary migrants, to those who have settled and their hosting communities. Read more about us >>>


17 June 2020

SAVE THE DATE – 2 JULY 2020 @ 10:00 CEST

Join us for an informative webinar about The Importance of Transnational History of Migration and the Paradox of its Absence in Educational Systems and Museums .

The keynote will be by Prof. Mirjam Milharčič Hladnik. The webinar is free of charge and open for all interested. To register, please click here:  Identity on the Line Webinar – 2 July 2020.  Alternatively, please contact Ezanne van Niekerk on

Read more about this topic and Prof Mirjam Milharčič Hladnik

22 April 2020


Imparting the Narrative: Memory Theory & Practice in Sensitive Interviewing

Join us for an informative webinar about how to conduct interviews on sensitive topics. Dr Danie Meyer will give us theoretical insights and practical input about pitfalls and possibilities when interviewing informants who might have had traumatic experiences.

Even if the presentation aims especially at museum professionals, it might me highly relevant for other professions as well, such as social workers, sociologists or teachers.

The webinar is free of charge and open for all interested.

To register, please contact Ezanne van Niekerk on

Webinar link will be provided upon registration

Dr. Danie Meyer BIO


13 March 2020


A decision was made to cancel the conference in Poland due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The keynote speech by Dr. Danie Meyer will however be resheduled and the new date will be posted on our website and Facebook.

For any questions, please email us on


16 February 2020


Identity on the Line will host our first conference in Poland and we invite you to join us for a workshop, quided tour of WWII museum by Dr. Jan Szkudliński and keynote speech by Dr. Danie Meyer.

Conference program Slupsk 25th of March 2020

To register, please contact Ezanne van Niekerk on

Cost per person: 20 Euro (for lunch and transportion)


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Who we are

The project is a broad cooperation between partner institutions in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Slovenia and Croatia. Starting with similar approaches and using the same methods, each museum will work on one important migration process in its country by collecting and facilitating sensitive narratives in local exhibitions and uncovering challenges which have not been addressed before. The main findings and common features will be summarized and made available as a joint travel exhibition within Europe and a digital package for education.