Identity on the Line
Identity on the Line

Webinar 6

Keynote speaker:Amina Krvavac

Date: 29 October 2020, 11-12 AM UTC+1 (Oslo time)

Title: The War childhood museum – From project to museum, from museum to global movement (working title) 

The War Childhood Museum – From a book and grassroots initiative to a museum co-creating cultural heritage with local communities internationally. By looking at the case of the War Childhood Museum, the process of its creation and development into an internationally acclaimed cultural institution, the presentation will offer insight into innovative forms of public engagement and the role of museums in helping local communities deal with difficult historical and contemporary issues. The Museum’s focus on citizens’ active participation in developing cultural heritage through crowd-sourcing of its collection has an empowering and healing effect on participating communities. This bottom-up approach contributes to a shift in self-perceptions and identities of community members – moving from a victim to an empowered survivor.

Amina Krvavac is the Executive Director of the War Childhood Museum. in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. Alongside the museum’s small, inaugural research team, she was engaged in a two-year grassroots campaign which culminated in the museum’s opening in January 2017. Interested in museums as spaces for social action and drivers of change, Amina is committed to creating exhibitions and workshops that support open, yet conscious dialogue. She is passionate about children’s rights, in particular, the shift in perceiving children not as passive victims but as empowered survivors and, more generally, active social agents. Please find more information here:

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