Identity on the Line
Identity on the Line

Søren la Cour Jensen

P2: Denmark, The House of Knud Rasmussen - Project Manager

Søren la Cour Jensen is a historian and his main focus is on Knud Rasmussen’s life and work. He also works with industrial archaeology and industrial and business history. Søren la Cour Jensen is the manager of The House of Knud Rasmussen and its Archive. He has responsibility for donations, lending and contact to external partners. He is a member of the working group for the Arctic museum project.

He is the manager of the historic photo collection and the local archive. He manages the collecting, digitalization and registration of the archive. Søren la Cour Jensen is the project manager of the Danish part of the four-year research and dissemination project Identity on the Line, supported by the EU through Creative Europe. He is the chair of ICOM Denmark (International Council of Museums) and chair of Blue Shield Denmark.
Tel: +45 287 60 343