Identity on the Line
Identity on the Line

Dr. Lidija Nikocevic

P7: Croatia, The Ethnographic Museum of Istria - Project Manager

Dr. Lidija Nikočević is a doctor in the field of intangible culture. She has dealt with memories, ideas of heritage, oral traditions and is an experienced interviewer. She has done research in difficult topics and has published texts on the anthropology of borders (about the new border between Slovenia and Croatia and changes in everyday life), and migrations. On the latter theme she prepared an exhibition that was awarded first prize in Croatia in 2009 (by the Croatian Museum Association) and the book on the same topic was awarded first prize as the best book connected to a museum project by the same institution in 2010. She is an experienced museum professional on both a national and an international level: she was Chair of the ICOM National Committee 2010-2013, Treasurer of the ICOM Committee ICME (2001-2007).

In the Identity on the Line project she will interview the targeted group of Istrian emigrants, deepening and enlarging the already started research on a similar issue. Furthermore, she will record the material and communicate it directly and indirectly through different media (workshops, exhibition, web pages).
Tel: +385 915 428618