Identity on the Line
Identity on the Line


A movie about forced migrations

Educational film

A brief insight into historical events and causes of seven European migrations in the last 100 years. The core of the project and the film are personal stories, feelings, and emotions shared with the project by the migrants and their descendants. 

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Our traveling exhibition and school materials are available for free download

School package

These are school materials for teachers, aiming to engage children and young people in intercultural dialogue and discussions about the importance of identity and integration processes in a common European space.

Digital package

Digital files of the traveling exhibition that combines the findings and essentials from seven European countries. We encourage European institutions to use the material to facilitate intercultural dialogue by showing common ground between people’s experiences touched by seven former migration processes.

All migration processes, even the very painful ones, lead to new cultural diversity, which can be seen as a positive force in today’s societies.

Scientific articles

Online publication

Books and catalogues

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